A Parisian Afternoon tea: Hôtel La Réserve, Paris

A Parisian Afternoon tea: Hôtel La Réserve, Paris


Address: Hôtel La Réserve, Paris
42 avenue Gabriel , 75008 Paris - France 

Website: https://www.lareserve-paris.com/en/news/tea-time/

Category: International/ Western/ French

Phone Number: +33 1 58 36 60 60


La Réserve Hotel Paris is the perfect representation of Parisian chic. This 19th Century mansion is absolutely the epitome of elegance. The crunchiness of the Macaron shell with Chocolate filling... How happy am I?

Imagine a cold December day, hanged with shopping bags and my legs were simply gone as I decided to save up some taxi money money for my desserts. Upon my arrival, what I can think of is just HAPPINESS, FOOD & LUXURY. That moment when you can have a cup of warm chocolate ran through your mouth in a grand hotel lobby. Who can resist such temptation?


Our tea time

I have selected an afternoon tea set for two to share (75‎) with hot beverage, salty delicacies, pastries, cakes and scones. While my tea set does not include the tasting of Champagne Michel Reybier, let me know if you tried this. 


A la carte choice

If the entire afternoon tea set is too heavy for you, another option is to go for a la carte cakes and desserts. They are bigger portion of the snacks. 

Hot Chocolate (Selection of my beverage)

If you ever come to Paris, their hot chocolate is absolutely a must-try. Especially in December, hot chocolate is just everywhere but of course you still have to find a good one. Speaking of the good chocolate around the town, Angelina near Louvre has a name for its chocolate. In my opinion, the chocolate here does not differ much from Angelina's one. Both are rich in cocoa scent, creamy and thick in texture. In Hong Kong, hot chocolate has a far less dense texture. Some people may consider the Parisian style chocolate is too heavy, especially served with the entire afternoon tea set. In such case, French exotic blend of tea might be a good choice. 


The perfect Parisian taste


La Pacode De Cos
December, 2017

La-Pagode-de-Cos (1).jpg

La Pagode De Cos

La Pagode de Cos perpetuates this spirit of epicurean creativity. Within the elegant setting of the private mansion at 42, Avenue Gabriel, La Pagode de Cos exalts all the distinctive codes of the French art of living, exemplified in its flowered silk-upholstered armchairs, its finely wrought gilded woodwork and its monumental fireplace.

(Source: La Reserve Hotel & Spa) 








Afternoon tea rule 1 - Always start with the Savoury

Finger sandwiches and these delicate savoury snacks don't seem to fall behind the sweets. In particular, the foie gras petit pie stands out with its French element, circular cute shape, and smooth texture. 

Madeleine cake - A classic Parisian pastry, beautifully baked in its shell shape and lightly infused with orange and lemon scents. The texture could be softer though. 4/5

Scones with cream and jam- An afternoon tea set cannot go without scone and jam. However, the scones occur to be slightly too buttery and large in size. Texture could be softer. The matching jam and cream aren't very surprising, with flavours like Apricot/ Berries. If only the jam is homemade as well, that would add an extra level. 3/5


Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies - Absolutely amazing, against from traditional cookie shape, this petit cute cup shaped cookie has the perfect crunchiness on the outside and melted chocolate running inside. 5/5


Highest level

Filled with four choices of French sweets like the Macarons. Many of the desserts are picking Chocolate as their theme which is absolutely a paradise for Chocolate lover, but overall might be too heavy if you are not a great fan of it. 

This is where my Parisian Royal dream comes true. Its fineness, delicacy and perfection- so much improvise the French essence.
— Hong Kong Foodie

Great service, perfect vibes

Ambivalence: 5/5
Surrounded by the French artistic and grand furniture, it makes me feel like I am a member of the French royal family. A Parisian luxurious experience. 

Service: 5/5
It was a cold Winter day during my visit, the waiter took great care of my coat and bunches of shopping bags (Tourist problems haha). The introduction about the food is well explained with standardised manner. 


Hope you like my sharing

'What's your kind of luxury?'

Erika xoxo

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