Bel Canto

Bel Canto


Address: Bel Canto, Corus Hotel, Hyde Park, 67 Bayswater Road, London, W2 3LG


Category: International/ Western/ Italian

Phone Number: 020 7262 1678

‘The opera dining experience is something you would remember years after the London visit.’

I decided to feature this restaurant because it is simply very intriguing to have live opera along with dinner. 

Being a tourist from an Asian metropolis, barely do I have such opera dining experience. Like many of the Hong Kong youngsters, I am just listening to pop music on Billboard during daily commute to work. It is always nothing bad to expose ourselves to an entire new degree of cultural realm, an extraordinary dining experience. If you feel it's too much to jump in an opera house, this Italian Opera themed restaurant right in the heart of London is the right place for you. 

Service: 5/5 Exceedingly friendly staff from the reservation process and during the dining experience.

Ambivalence: 5/5

Excellent option for celebration and romantic dinner. Although there isn't a full river view/ tower bridge, probably the spectacular interior and awesome opera performance in every 15 minutes will woo you. Performers around will invite everyone for a toast and to sing along together. Don't be shy, just sing out loud. 


Selections of the night:



Foie Gras and Rabbit terrine served with carrot puree and toasted sourdough bread 3/5

Delicate dish assembling, colorful dish with various textures. 



Home-cured salmon with warm blinis and crème fraîche


Average, not very surprising. I would expect something more for the salmon in terms of its richness and flavourings.

Main Courses- 
Best dish of the night- Beef Fillet 4.5/5

Prime fillet of beef served with Pomme Maxime and shredded truffle

This steak with truffle sauce is super recommended.

Juicy, rich flavour balance with a nice cut. While the meat took the attention, personally I think the sauce can be improved with a better texture. 

The medium rare temperature is just on point.

Sea Bass 3/5

Oven baked fillet of sea bass with baby spinach and tomato and basil salsa

Fresh, texture and flavour overall is not very italian/ french, could be more sophisticated. 

Dessert- 5/5

Chocolate fondant cake with vanilla ice cream

Perfectly baked!

Sometimes chocolate lava cake is called 'Heart too soft' in Cantonese, as it well captures the cakey outside and the melting inside. However the plate slightly too sweet after a full meal.

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