New, modern but limited selections (for lunch). Worth every penny though.

Basic Restaurant Information

Address: G/F, 68 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai


Category: Thai

Phone Number: 2234 0001

Open Hours:




Fried Marinated Pork Collar

Modern twist on a classic, a must-try. The dip is an instant game-changer for me and the pork is fried so well that the outside is perfectly crisp with the inside perfectly tender. The spice adds extra flair to the overall taste.

Rating: 8/10

Pat Thai Noodles with Tiger Prawns

Great mixture of tastes that will create a euphoric experience for you. Approximately 40% sweet from the sugar; 15-20% salty from the fish sauce (not sure what fish though); and the rest lies with sour from the lime and tamarind. Prawns cooked to a point that the texture no longer feels like a prawn (very smooth and insanely tender, even to the point of a raw prawn / sashimi).

Rating: 9/10

Wok Fried Wagyu Beef

The beef is a little overcooked, but since it's wok-fried, the taste is well immersed in the meat while still maintaining a hint of original beef. The spices are abundant and gives the dish a more spicy end of the taste spectrum. The jasmine rice is soft and cute; with the fried egg crisp and volatile in the inside. Great addition.

Rating: 7.5/10

Coconut Ice-Cream

I was astonished by the extra garments they have put in, in which the coconut strips of meat are excellent, sweet and fresh; the nuts are not as crisp (fried?) as they say they were though. The corn adds a weird and distinct flavour (and savory) to it but I'm not necessarily bought with that idea either. The ice-cream does make amends for this and (rightfully) is the highlight of the desert menu.

Rating: 6.5/10

Thai Milk Tea

Great addition to the meal, not that sweet but still contains the taste of Thailand so this is worth it (and given it comes along with the set lunch)

Rating: 8/10

Summarizing Words

One of my friends highly recommended it so I decided to try it out during lunch time. The location is a bit out of the way but it is easy to find. The line for this restaurant is not long and the turnover is pretty quick too due to its Asian nature. Service is decent (but you do have to speak english since the servers are all foreigners). The menu for lunch seems limited and I am really curious to what it is like for dinner. I will come again because of the great use of spices that give all the dishes an authentic flavour. And given this price range I would say it's totally worth it.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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