Second Draft

Second Draft

Not your average bar food, great for pre-drinks (and local draft beer). 8/10

Basic Restaurant Information

Address: G/F, 98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang; 大坑銅鑼灣道98號地舖


Category: Chinese / Western Fusion

Phone Number: 2656 0232

Open Hours:






Chronologically ordered, as per picture.


Beetroot & Avocado

Healthy choice here under the veggies selection. The walnuts outshone the main characters of this dish, however the title suggests, being moderately sweet and crunchy. The avocado is averagely fresh but perhaps a little ripe? The beetroot are glossy and beautifully red on the outside. I would guess that they either steamed or boiled them as the earthy flavour remains undercover with the vinegar providing the alternate salty sense. Taste-wise overall the mixture is interesting and foreign to the taste buds. But nonetheless a healthy start for a meal.

Rating: 7/10


Flower Crab Pasta

If you come here for dinner, in fact, any time, order this. Not only it is aesthetically pleasing, the restaurant got everything right here. The sauce is dry yet thick, so it doesn't feel heavy at all. The egg is a nice volatile add-on to the otherwise rough, big and thick noodles, which is a great choice of noodles as it's a great match with the sauce. If I had to pick one negative attribute it would be that the crab meat is not sufficient enough in quantity, otherwise it's great in quality, tender and well-cooked. The dish overall is salty and reminds me a lot of the more traditional version of shanghainese fried noodles (the dark, brown kind). This modern update has gotten me wanting more.

Rating: 9/10

Octopus & Beer Belly

Perhaps I might be a little over-critical due to the sky-high expectations I have prior to coming but this is the least appetizing of the three. I got no beef with the octopus (pun-intended) but the pork belly is just a bit overcooked. The skin is crunchy enough due to slight burnt, but the meat had so much potential. It is well flavoured and if only it was more tender it would have been perfect. The chimichurri boosted the alternate flavour a bit (because I'm a little tired of the extra-salty-flavour of all the dishes). 

Rating: 6.5/10 

Ending Comments

Salty would be one of the first things that come into your mind during your visit, and it's not necessarily a bad thing! As I heard from my friend their goal is to mimic Dai Pai Dong style (HK style) so this fusion makes a lot of sense. That being said I was a little bored of the same flavour and use of ingredients (especially vinegar) in every dish so I am hoping to see more variety in terms of taste. But their menu is full of variety of different meats and veggies, a major plus. Staff are friendly and the entire place has a modern, sleek bar feel (which it is a bar in essence). They offer a huge variety of draft beer (mostly local) and offer a large range of alcohol content and flavors as well. Do check them out for a chill hangout with friends and love ones ;). Location wise it is in the area with more food around, pretty convenient street parking all around.

Overall Rating: 8/10



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