Beef and Liberty

Beef and Liberty

Modern sit-down, chill burger joint in town.

Basic Restaurant Information

Address: 2/F, 23 Wing Fung Streey, Wan Chai


Category: Burger, Western

Phone Number: 2811 3009

Open Hours:

Public Holiday


Chronologically ordered, as per picture.

Bacon Cheese

Bacon and Cheese should be a classic and really how could you go wrong with it? This place certainly does not. I did not take a bite of this but I did have it a few days before without taking a picture, so I would say well done. The raclette cheese, unlike the next one on this list, was well melted and the bacon was crisp and i love the onions accompanying them. Recommended here if you are not being so adventurous and just want to chill with your burger mate.

Rating: 8/10

Black Pepper

On the outside it looks extremely dry with the black pepper redundantly used on the poor patty. In reality, though, the patty is juicy and full on the taste of the grassfed cow. The distinctive, nutty taste of the raclette cheese counters the strong, nose-wrecking black pepper well. The negatives, on the other hand, is that the cheese should be melty (and I wish there were more), and while the rocket is a nice, small touch; it is way too dry and did not feel as fresh.

Rating: 6.5/10

Overall Comments:

Friendly staff, decent view through floored-glass on Star Street. Well-lit environment, does not feel like your messy burger joint but more of a classy one. Not so busy during lunch hours on a weekday and great place to escape from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong.

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