Catch. Hong Kong

Catch. Hong Kong

Relaxing, Cozy & Down-To-Earth. 9/10 Dining Experience.

Basic Restaurant Information

Address: 95 Catchick St, Kennedy Town


Category: Seafood, Brunch, Western

Phone Number: 2855 1289

Open Hours:

Public Holiday



Seared Scallops

Lets start with the shared plate, which has three visually appealing scallops on white, real seashells. I love the aesthetics that the restaurant decided to use with coloring. The ingredients are all color-distinctive so you would be able to clearly remember what you have eaten. As for taste they also have a good mixture of complementary ones with the caviar giving your tongue and nose a good return for your money. The caviar is not top top notch but pretty decent as it pops in your mouth and the truffle taste lingers a little after. The main attraction: the scallops are well cooked and even I was amazed by it. The outside was perfectly seared with the outside being crisp and brown while the inside is still juicy and tender.

Overall 9/10


Linguine Vongole

Alas a popular dish in Italy. Portion was sufficient, great for sharing with another person. To be very honest it's really hard to go wrong with this and this restaurant had reached my expectations. The clams were fresh and here they do a good job of hiding the saltiness with the combination of white wine, garlic and other ingredients. The taste of the white wine was fully ingrained within the soft pasta so there is a stain of after-taste with every bite.

Overall: 8.5/10


Jerk Chicken Thighs

My favorite here was actually the cheesy paprika sweet corn. It was the perfect balance of the two and I wished there were more, but obviously it would have been another dish if it were. It overshadowed the supposedly main attraction: jerk chicken thighs. It was not bad, in fact, but it was not superb either. The skin of the chicken was well-crisp where most of the oil / seasoning lingered. This left the inside of the chicken thighs a little dry and under-seasoned. It was also a tad bit rough. Verdict is that it was kind of expected because of the nature of the restaurant: it prides itself as a seafood restaurant so chicken would not be something I would be getting next time.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Ending Comments:

There were no lines at night on a weekend due to the kind of lesser known part of town (Kennedy Town) with lower population. But by all means pay a visit, brunch is also available (which I have been and it's ecstatic so do expect a line). Service was on-par with a luxury restaurant and with prices like these, one can say it's price-quality ratio is over the top. I will visit again to try more of its dishes and I urge you to do the same.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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